We focus on successful products,
not just successful projects.
This requires looking beyond beautiful design and the latest technology and focusing on what you want to achieve with the product and why.
The rest comes as standard.

Hi, I'm Sam Quinn.

I'm Sam the CEO of Software On The Road, I started this blog to write my thoughts about complex software architectures applied to Node.js and JavaScript in general.
My mission is to give back to the world a little piece of knowledge for the new developers who are starting to feel that basic tutorials are just not enough for their real-world jobs with real-world problems.
While I was on this journey I started to meet awesome developers from all around the world, I started to get invitations to give seminars and training, then more job offers that what I could handle.
I was traveling so much that I had the idea to name the blog Software on the road.

Now, two years later I'm back home and I have gathered together the best of the best software developer you can ask for.

Successful Products

We devote our passion to make these projects a reality ❀️
Whyline is an application to skip the line in banks, government places, doctors offices, and more. Worked 3 years at several roles, software architect, Cloud Computing, and Full-Stack developer. Me and my team, design the microservice architecture that makes possible scaling to thousands of users.
Node.js - AWS - MongoDB - Angular - Ionic
Drinkko an app to find the cheapest beer pint near you.
I develop the foundation architecture for this location-based application and offered my consulting services for 2 years.
Node.js - AWS - MongoDB - Angular - Ionic
Standups.io is an application for communicating with your coworkers.
As a Full Stack developer I helped standups.io with the mobile app implementation in React Native, developing mirror features in the web application with React, and mostly the main backend engineer, working with node.js and AWS services.
Node.js - AWS - MongoDB - React - React native


people talking about our work πŸ—£

Sam works quickly and communicates well.

Sam is the best developer I've ever worked with, his passion for coding and getting things done it's unmatchable. A real catalyzer to any team.
Alan Cordoba
CTO of PampaSoft


We are specialized on these, AND just on these technologies. πŸ€“

Node.js + Typescript

Microservices + RESTful APIs

AWS Cloud Computing



Mobile App development

And we are commited to give you the best service, while sharping our skills right to the state of the art, to get to the edge of what is known in the JavaScript world.

What people say

About our articles πŸ“°.

Are you an energetic, proactive, and amazing client?

Because we are such a small team, there is Sam, Emma, Guchi, Nico and Matias, and all of us is most of the time booked, we can only take 1 and maybe 2 projects at the same time.
So, we expect from you:

  • You trust in our judgment and expertise, and you are willing to listen to the advice from us.
  • You are an amazing, energetic, and proactive client
  • Then, you are willing to take action. It is worthless that you ask us to review your stack, your code, and architecture if you aren't going to use it!
Let us do the hard work, so you can focus on what is most important for your business.

What you could have by working with us

Just to let it clear, we are a premium team with premium knowleadge that only want to do the best job possible,
and we are so demanding with ourself and with the service that we provide that we wouldn't accept any project that we know that we aren't capable of doing.
So, if you are used to hiring cheap and bad agencies, you can close this tab right now, because we are neither.

  • Due to our career background, we had been at all of the development problems you can imagine a startup could have, and we solve them.
  • You will get the most smooth experience on scaling your application to an enterprise-grade of user demands, we archived this twice.
    How many devs on the planet can say that?
    (For real, just call us and test our knowledge)
  • And of course, you will get our, in a professional way, love, respect and commitment to your project.

Money back

Guarantee 100%

Serious, if you hire us to do a job and we can't do it for whatever reason, we don't deserve your money, so you'll have a total refund immediately.

Ready to scale your application?

Contact us and get free quote!

Hurry up! We are usually booked

This is the bad news, while we'd love to work with you, the reality is that we can only have 1 project at the time, maybe 2 small projects.
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