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Want to scale your node.js application to 100k users and beyond ?

If you are in search on of an expert in node.js and javascript technologies with a proven track of producing top-quality applications, and AWS DevOps expertise, you’re in the right place.

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AWS DevOps

I will deploy your node.js proyect to the AWS Cloud using the best practices and services avaiable.

Node.js expert

More than 5 years of experience in high scale proyects. I'm an expert in node.js and javascript technologies.

Full-Stack developer

I have been using several front-end technologies such as React.js, React Native, Angular and Ionic for years.

Previous Works

Whyline is an application to skip the line in banks, government places, doctors offices, and more.
Worked 3 years at several roles, software architect, DevOps, and Full-Stack developer. Me and my team, design the microservice architecture that makes possible scaling to thousands of users.
Stack: Node.js | AWS | MongoDB | Angular | Ionic
Drinkko an app to find the cheapest beer pint near you.
I develop the foundation architecture for this location-based application and offered my consulting services for almost 2 years.
Stack: Node.js | AWS | MongoDB | Angular | Ionic is an application for communicating with your coworkers.
As a Full Stack developer I helped with the mobile app implementation in React Native, developing mirror features in the web application with React, and mostly the main backend engineer, working with node.js and AWS services.
Stack: Node.js | AWS | MongoDB | React | React native

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